Strategic Impact Grant Guidelines - OPEN BY INVITATION ONLY

After a thorough review of its strategic objectives, the Arts Council of Anne Arundel County is seeking Strategic Impact Grant proposals from existing grantees to be awarded with funds we expect to receive in FY 2019. The Strategic Impact Grant Application Cycle will be open only to current FY2019 Community Arts Grant recipients of the Arts Council. These grants will be awarded under new guidelines effective for this Strategic Impact Grant Cycle. This announcement describes these new guidelines and provides the timeline the Arts Council intends to use in requesting and evaluating these Strategic Grants.
1) Proposal must be for a NEW and Innovative Program or Project.
The Strategic Impact Grant Request MUST be for a new program that is not part of a Grantee’s ongoing activities. It may not be an activity that has been previously funded by the Arts Council. It must demonstrate a public value of the arts and culture worthy of merit to the community.
2) Proposal must include a Partnership or Collaboration with another Organization.
These grants are intended to encourage Arts Council Grantees to collaborate with other Organizations to expand their outreach to new audiences and participants. Extra points will be awarded for NEW partnerships.
3) Proposal is encouraged to serve a diverse population or a Community-In-Need of Arts-Related activities.
We encourage Grantees to seek out audiences and participants who are not currently benefitting from Arts Council sponsored activities, whether it be for geographic, financial, transportation/access or other reasons.
4) Grant Awards will take into account the Organizational size of the Grantee.
a) We reserve the right to exercise discretion with the actual amounts Awarded.
b) We anticipate awarding around six to eight grants to arts organizations with annual budgets less than $500,000. Average grant size is expected to be between $8,000. - $10,000.
c) We anticipate awarding around three grants to organizations with budgets greater
than $500,000. Average grant size is expected to be between $8,000. - $12,000.
d) Applicants may submit joint proposals to increase the impact of their grants and the
size of their funding request.
5) Multi-year grants will be considered.
Justification for a multi-year program must be provided in detail.
a) Groups receiving multi-year grants will not be eligible for additional grants during the
time the grant is being funded or the minimum activities described in the grant are being performed, unless exceptional circumstances are shown.
6) All Grantees should describe in detail their plans for providing Interim and Annual Reports to the Arts Council that describe how they have met their goals and outcomes described in their proposal requests, both in narrative and financial terms.
a) All grantees will be issued a contract outlining the conditions of their grant. This contract must be signed and returned in accordance with the timeline of the grant award.
b) An interim and final report will be due as outlined in the Grant Contract. These reports must be filled out online through the Arts Council Website and GO Smart System by the specified deadlines. Failure to report could jeopardize future grants by the Arts Council and/or result in the grantee being required to repay grant funds.
c) A Site Visit will be conducted by a representative of the Arts Council to monitor progress in accordance with the original application.
d) Any proposed changes to the original Grant proposal must be submitted in writing to the Arts Council before changes are made.